Announcing a new kind of poetics – part vox pop, part unashamed whimsy.

Our Doggerel Bank is a resource, a compendium, a blog, a diary and a notice board.  Discursive and digressive by nature and design, it is to explore the chance and humorous side of language with all its richness, ambiguity and sensuousness.

We like all poetry from pure doggerel upwards.  We encourage the careless yet thoughtful use of language.  We like irony and paradox and serendipity.  We don’t like newspeak, still less doublespeak.  We seek simplespeak – if it is amusing.

We seek a rich, if obscure, turn of phrase.  We like whistles but not bells – whistles are more disruptive.  We feature poems and stories on memories, dreams, loss, coincidence, misunderstanding, eccentricity or outrage.

This bank is a safe deposit for ideas, conceits, and aphorisms, though not safe, sadly, from plagiarism. However your literary deposits will grow with interest.  There will be a feature on interpretation of mis-spellings. There will be a feature on accident and serendipity.

Random digression will be welcomed here. Slips of the tongue will be remembered for posterity.  Maggie and I will relate all those chance and trivial events that occur in our daily lives (at least those fit to word process).

There will be news updates on our day to day lives; on Maggie’s bold and risqué theatricals; on her elder son, a missionary in Japan; on her younger son’s mysterious visits to the Appalachians.

There will be news on Malc’s fitful attempts at home decoration; on his latest inspired, yet arcane, artworks;  on the many sheds in his garden; on the extravagance of his friend Christopher.

We intend to be gently outrageous and inconsequential.


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